Nyk Sykes Photograpy

Nyk Sykes was born in Sydney, Australia and brought up in Australia and the UK.
He has won awards from New York, London and Paris. These include:
- Gold, Graphis Nude 5, (New York, 2019)
- Silver, Graphis Photography Annual (New York; in 2015, '17, '18, '20)
- Silver, Prix de la Photographie Paris (Paris Photography Prize, 2012). 
- Silver, London Photographic Association Awards. 2009
New York's prestigious Graphis magazine has named him among the 10 "Best in Asia and Oceania" in 2015, '17, 18, '20. 
Nyk's photography has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney, Venice, Zurich and in France. His work has been published in the USA, China, Germany, France and Russia as well as Australia. He has been an accredited photographer at 20 Fashion Weeks in New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Asia.

Nyk was trained in photography at the Sydney Institute of Technical and Further Education (Ultimo TAFE) and in art direction at the Australian advertising industry's AWARD School. Earlier he graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy.

Nyk writes about photography: "The trick with photography, is to find the stillness of the soul. To the curves of the catwalk, through the glamour of the game, in the blinding noise of battle — we must be still. As we waltz through the wedding, scrum the red carpet, run with the riot we must move, and be still. We hold in our hands, the site of our seeing we hold in our sight, the heart of our vision. As the light fades, the stillness grows so still the soul takes us, out of sharp sight, into vast vision."